Dear patients,


After serving you as your pain management physician at PAX Pain Management, it is my great pleasure to announce that I will be joining Dr. Gregory Moore, MD and Dr. Gregory Phillips, MD at the Neurospine Institute.  It is our goal to create the flagship pain management group to serve Central and Coastal Oregon.  My final scheduled day at PAX will be on August 16, 2017.


Although I am leaving my current practice, I will still be available in the area.  If you also receive spine care from Dr. Keiper or Dr. Sherman you should continue your care through them.   If you are exclusively a pain patient of mine, you have the choice of continuing your care with me at my new location, or transferring your care to another pain provider in the area.  If you choose to transfer your care to a new pain physician, we will assist you in having your medical records transferred to the new group.  If we are providing scheduled medications for you, please ensure that we have an appointment scheduled for you soon so there is no lapse in your medications.


 *If you wish to transfer your pain management to the pain specialists at the Neurospine Institute, please contact the number below and specifically mention that you are currently a patient of Dr Liddy.        


        NeuroSpine Institute Eugene: (541) 686-3791

        Address: 74-B Centennial Loop, #100, Eugene, Oregon 97401


If we cannot accommodate you at the Neurospine Institute, other pain practices in Eugene who are accepting new patients are:


        Pain Management Partners

        Address: 2401 River Rd #101, Eugene, OR 97404

        Phone: (541) 431-0631


        Pain Specialists of Oregon

        Address: 1125 Darlene Ln, Eugene, OR 97401

        Phone: (541) 844-1807


        Oregon Medical Group Pain Management

        Address: 920 Country Club Rd, Eugene, OR 97401

        Phone: (541) 342-2134


It has been my pleasure to serve you at PAX pain management. I wish you all the best with your health!




        J. Brian Liddy M.D.





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